This is the last week of gsoc, but I will be working on this project a bit longer.

This week I fixed some remaining issues with the code:

  • Percents are rounded to max. 2 points after the decimal
  • Support for more graph types (pie charts too!)
  • Tables are populated from json data
  • Added copyright headers to files that didn’t have them
  • Fixed my manifest, that contains js files to link to

We also had to reduce the log size after sanitizing, so we can fit into the new Splunk license we will get soon without problems. To achieve this I removed some fields from the log at Robert’s request. Ian also made a change to the code: he base64-ed the SHA-1 hashes so they are shorter. He also added memoization for efficiency.

Then after some problems with codereview (my fault), I submitted a new review request. I fixed most of the issues Oliver pointed out in his review. I have some questions about the rest, which will hopefully be answered on/after the meeting tonight.