At the end of last week I put my code up on the codereview site of MusicBrainz, even though many parts of the code was only for testing, and it wasn’t really tested yet. I received some useful reviews that pointed out mistakes. It’s good that I could correct these early on. In the first two days of my week I was correcting these mistakes. Much of the inner structure of the code was changed. Later I should post an update on codereview too.

Then I worked on categories some more. I changed the table’s structure again. It turned out that the “report_type” field was originally planned to be the same as “category”. I removed it, so we only have one category field now. Categories are now displayed with tabs. You can see them here:

I still have a bit of a problem with display. Multiple tables’ columns have to be aligned to look good, but after a few google searches it turns out this task is not trivial. Tomorrow on/after the meeting I should ask people whether they have any advice/experience regarding this problem.

After that I made categories cache-able, as Robert asked me. This should make the code a bit more efficient.

Then I looked into Google Chart Tools again. I tried the perl module Google::Chart, but then I realized this shouldn’t happen on the client-side, but rather in the querying script for efficiency. But then we would have to store charts in the table too. I’ll ask about this on the meeting.

I also added some more queries/categories. This should continue in the next few weeks we have left. Eventually we will need daily indexing and real data, as the current data is only collected from a small set of log entries for testing reasons.

The code should is pushed to github now.