This week I’ve finished last week’s tasks. Since I couldn’t connect to our Splunk server (pino) Robert asked Dave (djce) to grant my user access to port 8089 on pino from rika. This means that I had to stop development on the VM and move to rika. I learned about virtualenv — it’s a very nice way to avoid installing everything on the server and making a huge mess. I set up a virtual environment for python and installed the Splunk python SDK, and psycopg2 there. Psycopg2 is a python module for handling PostgreSQL databases.

I created the database table on rika, and finished the code with the part that actually inserts data into the table. I ran the code and it worked fine. Now we can move on to indexing things periodically.

I also updated the log sanitizing script. For some reason our codereview site is buggy and it won’t let me upload a new diff. No matter what we tried, it still won’t work. I hope this gets fixed by next week, because we really need to move on now.