This monday (21st May) coding has officially started. Sweet! For the first two weeks we planned some exploratory work. I have already started learning python and splunk earlier. Splunk is a very nice tool created just for what we want to do. It has a python SDK, so it will be even easier to integrate.

I received some anonimized logs from Robert and started mining data. The log contains ~23 million entries, and it was created over the course of a day. These google docs display some of the results:

(Webservice calls)

(Menu statistics)

I also started exploring graphing solutions, though I only checked out Google Chart Tools so far. Ian suggested multiple other methods on the mailing list. I plan to take a look at these this week. The “problem” is, we may need to create very different charts/graphs, so having more options is always good.

This week I will also try to create more splunk queries. Then I’ll put them in a batch, and leave my poor computer on for the night.

Until 7th June I still have some exams to take, so I can’t work at my full capacity yet. I’ll have a few full days though.